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Want To Be a Tourist Or a Traveler
Travelling is a passion that allows you to explore the real You
Never put off till tomorrow, plan today
Make Your Life Better and Bright! You must trip with Us!

Holiday Tour Packages !!

Travelling is a passion that allows you to explore the real You
Best of the both worlds
We at Nirvana make sure that you do not have to compromise between adventure and good stay. We provide an amazing and comfortable stay that makes you feel at home along with the adventure you are seeking for.
Customized Packages
Nirvana trip creates personalized as well as exclusive travel packages. Whether you’re a corporate traveler with a busy schedule looking for a customized holiday packages or a college going who just want to loiter!
Fast and focus
We are living in a world where everything and everyone is in hurry, so why should your booking be slow. Nirvana assures you the fastest booking without losing the focus on giving you the best offers and destinations.
Pocket Friendly packages
We at Nirvana believe that traveling is for each one of us, we assure you a trip that doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket. We provide great service in the lowest price possible.
24/7 Support
We at Nirvana understand your busy schedule. We assure you 24/7 help and guidance, according to your need and wants. We are just a click away!
Privacy and security
We understand your trust issues and privacy concerns. We at Nirvana took responsibility of your Safety, all your details are safe and secure with us.
Wonders Of Nature

Don’t stop yourself to indulge into the exhilarating excursion .


Uttrakhand where all roads leads to peace! A State that connects the planes with the mighty Himalayas, the home of Gods!
A State which is dark and mysterious yet enlightens the planes. Where a gaily, outlandishly dressed overseas tourist, a saint in saffron, a pahadi commoner and a beggar in rags, commingle; Where temple bells synchronies with multiple Garhwali and Kumaoni dialects.    View Details

1999 Per Person ( 1N/2D )


The Kingdom of Buddhism. Bhutan known for its Buddhist culture, scenic beauty and amazing food. Bhutan teaches us that wealth couldn’t measure the richness of culture.

17499   ( Per Person ) ( 5N/6D )

Himachal Pradesh

Hard to Reach, Harder to leave. Settled in the lap of Himalayas, a state with snowy peaks, scenic roads and people; who will treat you like family. A place you can call home.

13767   ( Per Person ) ( 5N/6D )

Shrinagar & Kashmir

The valleys of Kashmir reads poetry and of shrinagar they sing the song you have never heard of before. Read more

9200 Per Person ( 4N/5D )

Leh Ladakh

A paradise hidden in the Himalayas. With the beautiful landscape, this place offers amazing trekking and rafting adventure to its tourists.
Read more

24590 Per Person ( 5N/6D )


Nestled upon the eastern himalayas, sandwiched between Nepal in the west and Bhutan in the east. Sikkim flows in its own culture and customs. Surrounded with the richness of flora and fauna and heritage! Everybody knows about Sikkim.

16200   ( Per Person ) ( 4N/5D )

Tips Before Travel

Trust every one and No one!

When you visit a new place, make sure you are always active and aware of your surroundings, it’s good that you are meeting likeminded people but give it time.

Underestimating the Cost!

Remember to keep some extra money in case of emergency. Rates can go up and down, don’t forget that you are in a new place.

Arrangement and Helps

We at Nirvana trips are always there to make your trip easy, hassle free and are more than happy to solve all your travel queries. We take care of all of your needs and wants.

Our Awesome Offers


The main motto of Nirvana is to promote travel and Tourism. We believe that everyone must take a vacation break once in a while. We are doing our best to serve our customers; we cover weekend getaways, corporate tours, solo trips as well as long vacations.

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