Our lives have been taken over by technology, take a moment’s look around you. How many screens do you see ? Did you include the one you’re reading on? Now we totally depend upon technologies and some who every one of us thinks that we need a break from these technologies and go somewhere, where we could see the beauty of nature, feel it. Ohh still using phone where to visit ok use it search of the Bhutan travel Package. 
Bhutan, the land of Thunder Dragon. Such a joy to travel to, this country trading the Himalaya’s. Country which is less affected by modern civilization than other country but now it’s also start begin to change. If you want to see Bhutan before modernized, go new book your Bhutan Travel Package now. Explore the place, eat best chilies and cheese about Buddhism and experience the most lovely and adventure trip of your life. 
Sight seen in Bhutan 
There are number of place to visit in Bhutan but there are some places we have chosen for you are best place in Bhutan such as Tiger’s Nest Manastry, this place is so beautiful place and very exceptional monastery is a sheer climb the hill. It is the place where Guru Rinpoche brought Buddhism into Bhutan, arriving on the back of the tiger. Second one is Punakha Dzong oldest and largest Dzong in Bhutan, most gorgeous  and majestic Dzong . If you want to sit and relax in nature you must visit to Zuri Dzong Hike most amazing place in Bhutan last but not the least must visit Gangtey Valley  most stunning valley in the world. 
Shopping in Bhutan 
Shopping list – The list is endless until you know what can be really bought. There are 100% changes that you get confuse what to take and what to leave! Any statutory warring – Not Really! But yes “DO NOT “ Take Antiques as they are banned or illegal they can stop you  to avoid this do not buy this . There are lots of  thinks Handicraft, Painting Causal buy like sweater , dresses and much more. Wait Take a time out from your tour and you must visit Norizm Lam Street and Bhutanese craft in Thimphu. 
What to eat in Bhutan ?
There are many things you can have in your breakfast, lunch and dinner. But let me tell you some of the famous dishes of Bhutan which you have to eat of sure . Ema Datshi National dish of Bhutan which you must taste and hope you love that too .  Momos and Phaksha Paa are also very famous among tourist. If you are non vegetarian and love to eat spicy then there is Jashe Maro Spicy Chicken which just the awesome a mouth watering  dish. 
Where to stay in Bhutan?
As this is the tourists place. Tourists come there in all season so there are many hotel in which you can stay according to your pocket. Some of the famous hotel where you can stay is  Taj Tashi, Hotel Thimphu Tower, Le Meridien and Dewachen . 
What isn’t you exciting to go. What are you waiting for go book your Bhutan travel package pack your bag leave to have  fun. 

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