Leh-Ladakh bike trip

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Planning for Leh-Ladakh bike trip . A dream of every biker to drive on the challenging mountains road and passes of leh. Leh-Ladakh bike trip is much more than a  journey and considered as a holy pilgrimage among bikers from India and aboard.  A journey that test you as a rider, you fitness which never get test in plains . Either it makes you, or breaks you. The extreme roads in India which help you to test your stamina. If you have purchased  Leh-Ladakh bike trip from the trip organizer then you need not to worry but you are a group of friends and become organizer then you need to check the following things before you will leave otherwise you have to face many problems in such a place where no one knows you. 
Here are top tips you need to read before planning Leh-Ladakh bike trip.
    Complete Research 
The first step is the most important one as 100 things can go wrong during your trip and you have to be ready to handle each and every situation. So much make a complete research like where to stay you much a proper reservation before leaving, place where you will eat, where to hire a Bike on rent, research about the route. 
    Test your fitness 
In a journey there are many points where you feel sick so much be always be prepared for every situation  a journey at an altitude of 3000m to 4,570m in road you always have to prepared for freezing cold, acute mountain sickness. There are some place where there is shortage of oxygen at such a great heights will test your limit, time to prove how fit you are. You need lot of energy required at the time of journey if you feeling now you can’t handle all the thinks need not to think like this be mentally prepared also I would recommend you to do some stamina building activities.  
    Route to choose 
There are many ways to reach there you can choose any of the way. There are many ways and most common route to Leh is via Manali. Why it is most common route as the time travel is very less via this route in this route you need to reach Manali via Chandigarh from Delhi but this route has its own drawback as there is no altitude till Manali but from Manali altitude increase and biker have to face Acute Mountain sickness like headache, vomiting etc in this situation you have to hold your journey and stay some place so that you become comfortable with high altitude . 
If you have time I personally refer you take another route via Pathankot, Amristar, Srinagar, Kargil, Leh in this altitude increase step by step you reach on top. So there is acute mountain sickness and you can enjoy your journey without any tension. 
    Number of days 
Take some extra days as you can’t believe on weather as any time you can face landslides, heavy rainfall uncertain climate change and you have to stay there only without any option. So take some extra days also don’t forget to have day off in Manali to celebrate your success , Cheer up as its dream which comes true.
    Documents you must carry 
Before going there you need to carry following documents like Driving license, complete documents of the bike like insurance paper, registration paper of bike. Photocopy of all the thinks
All carry Maps of the route where you want to visit. 
    Cloths and accessories 
As the weather  can change any time you need to carry warm cloths  and the following things
•Saddle bags/ Magnetic tank bag/ Luggage carrier
•Comfortable clothes: tracks, raincoats, tee-shirts
•Wind-cheaters, Jackets and pullovers
•Flashlight with extra batteries
•Riding Shoes, a pair of slippers for the night, extra pair of socks
•Sunglasses, caps or hats, sunscreen lotion and insect repellents
•Personal toiletries
•Water bottles etc..
    Medical Kit
 Medical kit with tablets for headache, cold, fever, muscle and joint pains etc. I will recommend to carry glucose packets as well as you need lots of energy. 

Complete your dream! Have fun

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